About District Chairman

Preeti Gugnani is born & brought up in Delhi and has completed her schooling from J. D. Tytler School & graduated Read More..

Signature project 2018-19 by District Chairman Preeti Gugnani
History of Inner Wheel

District 301 has been through interesting evolutionary stages to reach its present status. Beginning in the past as District 310, its 13 clubs covered far-flung areas stretching from Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh to Punjab and Haryana. As the Inner Wheel Movement picked up momentum,'Here was a vital personality combined with a clear brain and the ability to convey ideals to others. She was an excellent speaker and had a lively sense of humor which enriched her words. Nature had bestowed her with gift of inspiring friendship and devotion. Her greatest attribute was courage and courage was what Inner Wheel needed in the beginning. Inner Wheel was firmly established during her lifetime upon the path which Read More..

What is Inner Wheel?

Inner Wheel founded by Mrs. Oliver Golding in 1923 is the World's Second Largest Non-Governmental Voluntary, Women's Service Organization consisting of mainly women folks of Rotarian. It's purpose is to help and serve the needy and underprivileged sections of society.'The Inner Wheel is the world’s second largest women’s organization and comprises of the women folk of Rotarians.

Social Project 2018-2021

Women are more likely than men be poor, hungry ,victims of violence. We need to ensure that the basic needs of women & girls are met for their well being and secure future.
Feminist is not about making women strong . They are already strong, it's about changing the way world perceives that strength.
Empowering women, girls is a prerequisite for creating a good nation. When women are empowered, society with stability is ensured. Time is up for crediting just our forefathers, it’s time to recognize the sacrifices of our foremothers.
So the International Social Project 2018-2021 is Caring for women & girls

Theme of The Year

We start the new Inner Wheel year with new zeal, with new hopes new avenues of service & friendship and with a new look & new ideas. Ideas to change the way we serve to Empower and Evolve.
There are many ways you can leave Legacy, Leaving to young generation , are memories of good work done by us now to promote service to needy & friendship around us among members. Or You can do more than just serve as a good role model ,you can take more active approach to Empower and Evolve, Providing a History Research history of your club/ District is a wonderful way to let your new member know ,as well add to your personal contribution.

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